Ace Media 7 day free trial

Our free trial enables prospective subscribers to familiarise themselves with Ace Media's features and functionality.

What does the trial allow?

The trial gives you unlimited live access to all the services:

  • Media requests are real-time, live requests from our registered journalist and bloggers.
  • High-res images uploaded to our Image Gallery can be searched and downloaded by the media.
  • Press releases published to the site are saved to our permanent pool and are visible to media via their Ace Media dashboard. They are also indexed on search engines.
  • You receive a free personalised Media Centre page that helps profile your content and expose your company/brands outside of Ace Media.
  • You can create live coverage books through the amazingly dynamic AceBook feature.

What should I expect from the trail?

We want you to witness how easy our service is to use and to experience the wealth of coverage opportunities available through the Ace Media tools.

The trial allows you to see the potential of Ace Media as a long term utility for your business and shouldn't be judged purely on returns within a short seven day spell.

What happens to my content after the trial finishes?

Images I uploaded

  • Your images are stored for 6 months if you wish to subscribe at a later date.
  • They are however disabled from the Image Gallery so the media can no longer search or download them until you subscribe.

Media Requests I responded to

  • They too are stored for 6 months so any authored text can be copied for re-use.
  • Remember Media Requests with set deadlines, unlike the Image Gallery, have a prescribed lifespan.

Press releases I submit

  • They remain permanently in our pool even after the trail. They are never deleted.
  • You can post two live press releases during the trial.

My Media Centre page

  • This will remain active but, until you have subscribed, the media cannot access any images they may want to use in coverage.

Acebook coverage books I create

  • Currently Acebook is still in beta phase and will remain active for you after seven days. Once Acebook is fully live, any books your create will be frozen at the end of a trial. The books will be stored on Ace but you can't grow until you subscribe.

Extended trials

Learn in what instances you are eligible for an extended free trial.


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